They normally take place at 12.00 noon on Saturday, but we’re
 happy to talk about other times as well. To be married in the
 church, one of you needs to live within the parish or to be able
 to demonstrate a strong connection with the church. Just get in
 touch with us and we will be delighted to talk to you and to go
 through all the options.

 A guide to the cost of your wedding in church this information is designed to help you
 plan and understand the costs associated with your wedding in church. certain costs will
 be charged for all weddings; other costs will depend on your own particular
 The person arranging your wedding will talk you through the items listed below. We ask
 that you ensure payment is made in full at the latest by two weeks before the date of the
 wedding. Cheques should be made payable to “St Paul & St Stephen, Gloucester PCC.” 
 Please talk to us if you would like to pay in instalments over a longer period
 of time – this will usually be possible, as long as the cost has been met in full by the time
 of the wedding.

The basic cost for 2016                                                           (£)
          Publication of banns of marriage see note 1                 27.00
         The marriage service see note 1                                  415.00
         Marriage certificate see note 1                                         4.00
                                                           Basic Total                446.00

          Other costs to be discussed with the minister: 
                                           Verger’s fee                                  25.00
                                           Organist - see note                     100.00
                                           Sound system, if used                    5.00
                                                          Cost total                    575.00

               Church Energy costs (heat, light, sound etc)
                                                 Winter                             50.00
                                                 Summer                          25.00

 Grand Total
                           Winter                           £625.00 (without an organist: £525.00)
                           Summer                        £600.00 (without an organist: £500.00)

 Extra things you may want or need
Certificate of banns if one of you lives in another parish £41.00(payable to the
 PCC of the church where your banns are called)               
                 Flowers see note 3 Notes:
1. These are statutory fees, and will be the same at any church.
                         2. We will normally arrange an organist, but you are welcome to provide
                             your own if you prefer, 
                            our organist charges £50.00, other organists may charge differently.
                            we also have the facility to play tapes and CDs over our PA system for
                            which we make no extra charge.
          3. We normally have flowers in church as a matter of course, unless your
                            wedding is during Lent or Advent. This will include a stand in the
                            sanctuary area of the church (where the altar is).However, if you would
                            like to have a second stand, or flowers to a particular colour scheme,
                            we cansometimes provide this at a charge of £30.00 per stand, or you
                            are welcome to arrange your own florist – please discuss with the







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