Safeguarding Children




  1. The PCC accepts the Gloucester diocesan policy statement and guidelines on working with children and young people 
  2. The PCC seeks to provide a caring, warm and consistent atmosphere and environment in which children and young people can develop and grow and in which they can learn in safety.  Children and young people will be treated as individuals and with equal concern.
  3. Therefore the PCC:


  • Recognises the following areas of work with children and young people in the areas of 



1. Sunday groups, weekly during 10am service in church hall [Helen S, Ruth P]


2. Little Angels, Weekly in term time in church hall [Rev Ruth]


3. Youth group, fortnightly in leaders’ houses and church [Hannah , Andy , Kate ,]


4. Open the book team fortnightly in term time at St Paul’s School [Pam, Ruth P]


5. Messy church, monthly on a Saturday morning in church and church hall [Ruth P, Helen S]


6. Children’s Council, bimonthly in church [Helen S, Richard P]




  1. Will ensure that everyone involved in the care of children and young people, whether through paid employment or volunteer roles are personally made aware of the diocesan policy and the PCC policy.


  1. Will ensure that everyone involved in the care of children and young people (existing and in the future from the date the PCC policy is accepted) will be interviewed by the parish priest, or appropriate other and asked to complete the disclosure form which will be checked by a diocesan counter signatory.  (It will be strictly confidential and, except under compulsion of law will be seen only by the above named person or those acting on the Bishop’s behalf).


  1. Will ensure that completed forms are appropriately held in church records. All information on workers with children and young people should be kept locked away safely and confidentially.


  1. Will ensure it review its employment and volunteer recruitment practices so that every position sets out clearly what level of disclosure (where appropriate) applies, that no one is active in that role until the required disclosure has been received, and any subsequent risk assessment has been completed satisfactorily.


  1. Will ensure that candidates for a paid post or volunteer position submit in writing any convictions or other disqualifying behaviour that might be revealed in the disclosure process in order to assist the recruitment decision process.  (This information will only be taken into account when relevant to the post in question.  It should be submitted in an envelope clearly marked ‘Private and confidential’ and handed to the person specifically identified for this purpose in the recruitment process). 


  1. Will ensure that it complies with the rolling programme of (DBS) rechecks that are administered through the diocese.


  1. Will ensure everyone involved in working with children and young people are clear of the nature of the work they have agreed to do and the name of the person to whom they are responsible.


  1. Will ensure the parish priest/named person will be responsible on the PCC’s behalf for implementing and monitoring the PCC’s policy


  1. Will ensure that training opportunities are encouraged (elaborate if you wish).


  1. Will ensure that the PCC and the Diocesan Human Resources Manager are informed of the names of those who work with children and young people and will be notified of any changes.


  1. Nominates Susan Matthews to be the Nominated Person to whom all cases of suspected or alleged abuse must be reported immediately.


  1. Will make adequate provision for insurance cover for all activities for children and young people in line with the House of Bishop’s guidance.


  1. Will make a copy of this policy available to all employees and volunteers of this church, and to parents/guardians.


  1. Will review this policy annually and ensure that a copy of this policy will be presented to the Archdeacon at the Visitation.


  1. Will ensure that any individual organisation renting/using its premises for activities involving children and young people, are aware of their own individual responsibilities to have appropriate safeguarding policies and processes in place.


  1. Will ensure that any complaint made regarding a child for whom we are responsible who may have been harmed or is in significant danger will be reported immediately and that we will fully cooperate with statutory agencies during any investigation into allegations concerning a member of the church community.  


  1. Will inform the statutory agency of any suspected criminal offenders or concerns that we are made aware of in respect of our contact with children and will inform and work closely with the Diocesan Human Resources Manager and all statutory agencies throughout.


  1. Will offer informed pastoral care to any child, young person or adult who has suffered abuse and provide them with details of local and national support agencies.


  1. Will work closely with the diocese to ensure that we effectively supervise and support any member of our church community known to have offended against a child.


  1. Will ensure that we work closely with the diocese to ensure that any required DBSs or other required checks and references including the five year rolling re-check programme are complied with.


  1. Will work closely with the diocese in ensuring appropriate people are trained and updated on good practice, legal changes etc.


  1. Will ensure that a copy of this policy will be displayed on the parish notice board alongside a Child-Line poster which can be downloaded from free of charge.


By the incumbent





By the churchwardens










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