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Minutes of PCC meeting

5th December 2017, 7.30pm



1, Opening Prayer – Ruth read the Collect for Advent and said a short prayer.


2, Apologies for absence:. Matt Cottrell, Julie Holder, Mike Parkers Sallie Gould, Sylvia Brown and Maria Wells, no other apologies were heard


3, Minutes from the last meeting - A true record was approved.

Proposed by Pam Wells and seconded by Diarmid Couston.


4, Matters arising from previous meeting – The Donate button for the website has proved to be much more difficult than expected. The correct form from the HRMC has to be filled out on line and this is proving challenging. Hopefully this will be done by the New Year.


5, Finance Update: Hannah has been helping to input the data for the accounts. Hannah, Chris Smith and Ruth spent a Sunday afternoon going through the cash book. Chris has taken the books away and is having a go at imputing the data, Hannah will continue to support. It has been agreed that church will pay for the computer software needed for Chris to be able to do the accounts. Chris is purchasing this and we will reimburse him. 

The 2016 accounts have been sent off to Howard to be independently verified. Until we have the accounts independently verified we cannot apply for any grants or funding as we are a charity and need to be transparent with our accounts.

The Diocese were very helpful at the beginning but have since gone very quiet, Ruth has requested help but none has been forth coming, we have had no help for 4 months.


The Parish share for this year should be @£34,200 the Deanery was given extra funds as we are an area of poverty. Every church within the Deanery had to bid for a share of this fund. The money is taken off the Parish Share due for this year. The money if granted has to be used for a project to help improve the facilities to serve the community.

We had £2,500 taken of our Parish Share for this year, we had 2 /3 days to put forward a bid so in haste we have decided that the kitchen would be a worthwhile project and this would help us to cater for more of the community. Quotes have been sourced to see what is possible.


Ruth went thought the budget for 2018 in detail, if we stick to budget we will break about even by the year end. It was noted while we discussed the accounts that we weren’t sure what Support costs entailed, Ruth will endeavour to find out and will let people know.


It was proposed by Cynthia Kerr that was accept the 2018 Budget, this was seconded by Sue Matthews. All were in favour.


6, Inclusive Church – As a PCC we discussed applying to become an Inclusive Church, we discussed the issues concerning this. Children are a concern and our ability to reach out to children in our community, we talked about reaching out in different ways for example through schools.

Ruth proposed that we make a formal application to become an Inclusive Church, this was seconded by Sue Matthews and all were in favour.


There is going to be a new person to replace Bob Callaghan who came to talk to us, we would like to invite them to come and talk to the congregation about being an Inclusive Church.


7, Fundraising Program – Ruth has put together a fundraising program for 2018, it was asked if everyone could put their name against an event to organise and promote. Andy asked to be kept informed of any events and dates so he can update the website and weekly newsletter.


8, Vicars letter – Ruth asked if there were any questions regarding the Vicar’s letter, there was none. An update was given for the issue with our neighbour regarding the boiler noise. A letter has been written to him to explain about the new boiler and the actions that have been taken to reduce the noise. He has written back and is now threatening legal action against us, he has however offered £400 towards the cost of the work. We have had a quote for £1,100 plus VAT to move the flue to go out of the ceiling, there is no guarantee that this would work. Ruth has spoken the council and they have suggested that the boiler noise does not come under noise nuisance regulations. The PCC decided that we write to neighbour to inform him that we are going to invite the environmental health out to inspect the boiler and the noise it produces.  


9, Sweden Link – Sue has now got 3 photos, Sue will put them up as a poster in Church.


10, Electoral Roll – Sue couldn’t access the Role, Ruth will send it.


11, Groups Update

i, Publicity – Andy has received a message from a church in Oxford who has looked at our website for a special license for a marriage they had this to say:


Dear Ruth,

 I’ve just been looking at your website as a couple I am marrying need to ask your permission (!)- special licence joy…..and I just wanted to say how welcoming and friendly and inclusive the front page of your website is- it would really make me want to come and visit your church- you look like a lovely  dynamic priest!

 Best wishes for all the festive season throws at you and many blessings…..

Wendy x

Rev’d Wendy Wale

College Chaplain
Wadham College | University of Oxford
Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PN
+44 (0)1865 277 905

ii Maintenance – Ongoing as Julie would say! 

Tiles on the roof where the leak was were the original clay tiles and there was no felt under them. Dave Williams has juggled them as best he can so we don’t have to replace the whole section of roof.

A big thank you to Dave Williams who works very hard to keep any costs to a minimum. 

Royse as submitted the faculty for the war memorial found in Horton Road.


iii, Hospitality – Report was circulated with agenda.


iv, Stewardship and Fundraising – mentioned previously with Fundraising programme.


v, Children’s Council has not met 


vi, Deanery and diocesan synod reports – there has been no meetings


vii, Safeguarding – Ruth has been on a course for Safer Recruitment.

redacted.  No other safeguarding concerns


AOB – Ruth would like to run a Happiness Lab.

The St Stephen’s proposal for community space will be discussed at a separate meeting in the New Year.

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